Door knobs !

Don't you hate how they attack your sleeves, your pockets, and your belt loops!

No more, just replace them with one of these, and you too can now brush up against doors with no more fears or concerns about side tummy jabs either.

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    I've got the habit of not brushing myself against doors...

    ...I'll pass
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    I find it hard not to brush against when the lights are out and you are feeling your way around.

    Or the corridor is busy and everyone and their dog is pushing folk against the doors.

    Plus its another unnecessary thing to have to think about, which we could problem solve away.

    Next, I'd like star trek doors that slide sideways so I don't have to worry about doors opening the wrong way.. :-)

    Sadly I don't have enough free wall space for that, but perhaps my door could slide upwards..
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    I love the feeling when the doorknob just slips into my guts, spilling blood on the floor, ending it all forever 😍
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    Round ones are nice, but not so useful if you have wet soapy hands, or arms full and you are trying to open the door with your elbow.

    Rugby ball shaped ones are better with soapy / wet hands, but still no use with elbows..

    Shouldn't doors open with foot switches..
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    @Nanos an INVENTION!
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    @illusion466 in fact I'm working on that but didn't decide what it'll react on...and it'll open by a thin flexible rail using a dc or a stepper motor
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    @illusion466 or thanks to you I've had the thought of trying to let the motor roll on the ground
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    You could have a mechanical version like a reverse mousetrap, so as you approach the door your weight moves a seesaw arrangement under the carpet.

    You'd need a wind up mechanism on the other side in case of a powercut. :-)

    And failsale would open, rather than close, based on gravity weight.
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    I feel like this is solving a problem which doesn't need to be solved lol
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    Remove all doors and you won't have the trouble of door knobs of any kind. 😏
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    @CurseMeSlowly Then you have the problem of your dogs interrupting your activities.
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    @Nanos that's a very nice thing. I love my dogs 🤗
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    @CurseMeSlowly Not so good when you are piloting a spaceship in VR and don't need the distraction, or engaged in bedroom athletics with a partner. :-)

    Also a closed door helps to keep the sounds of the above from leaking out into your mothers room. :-)
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