Government applications meant to handle private data made in the laziest way using cordova. Hell yea. Bonus points for using the developers account with his first and last name as publishing company to put the app on playstore and not their own official one (not that they have one). Whats not to love. Cant wait to beautify that js to find out that the calls are http and not https.

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    Which government? Where to look?
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    Oh good fuck him real good
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    Kinda dont want to reveal where im from.
    Few interesting bugs are found. The app crashes if you dont give it camera privileges. It needs that to scan qr codes.
    Also the pin has to be a valid 4 digit number. So 0123 is not valid. The design is horrible as is expected from cordova and the ios version is still stuck on review. Wont be surprised if apple rejects it.
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