Google sheets is way better than microsoft exel

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    Absolutely everything is better than MS anything. Just if you had not heard.

    I sent a csv file to a web publishing company. They could not open it because they had Excel. It could not handle UTF-8 and comma separation. I downloaded the csv from Typeform. I had to download the ms version from there and hoppsan, they could open it. MS = by idiots for idiots.
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    @Marethyun I mean what I wrote.
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    I can’t stand web apps... give me a god damn actually desktop app, written native... not some electron shit... a fucken native god damn app...

    I can’t stand this hipster dev / clueless business mentality of fucken web apps... they are slow and garbage.. this idea of “write once deploy everywhere” is why the world requires such high hardware requirements... software isn’t built for the hardware anymore .. now somehow the fucken tables are turned and now hardware must be made and configured to meet the fucken software requirements wtf folks.. write optimized, hardware specific, platform specific software! It creates a far better experience for the end user...

    Yes it costs more to produce because you will have multiple code bases.. but if you write your code correctly, the portion that is different for each system should be abstracted out and the application portion should be platform independent. The hardware drivers should be abstracted out.
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    MS Excel is a bloody nuclear powerplant while google shits is a handpowered dynamo. Thanks fucking no.
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    For power users Excel is waaay ahead. Especially with the number of extensions etc. written for it.

    @QuanticoCEO well to be fair hardware these days (including phones) is easily powerful enough to run web apps, and people don't mind as long as they get value out of it.
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    - better experience with google while multiple users were editing same file

    - better exprience with google at loading csv files that contain UTf-8 characters (persian language in my case)

    - for me, finding options is more easy at google sheets

    - getting some error on blank cells in ms exel while on google everything works fine
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    @QuanticoCEO you do have some important points but its very easy to sell 'write once run everywhere' to the industry.
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    Can GooglyShits run Civilization?
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    @IronBlossom it’s easy to sell write once deploy everywhere to clueless business managers .. who are trying to cut costs, but don’t realize the performance issues and long term issue...

    It is also sold to companies because its “easier” thus cutting costs and hiring low quality/less experienced devs, thus cheaper.

    And it’s sold to lazy fucken devs that pisses me off cuz they ruin the industry
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    @RememberMe that is subjective 20 years ago web apps/websites were very simple... hell dialup was sufficient enough todo most web browsing... it wasn’t until java based applications and massive JavaScript files that slowed the web down.. this hardware had to increase to meet software but then we added more software and then the endless chase of always being behind.

    Someone in the big city sure has the capability of using web app based everything because they have the bandwidth and probably the hardware too..

    Go out to the county .. and it doesn’t cut it.
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    @QuanticoCEO if someone has crap internet then they're not really Google's target market anyway, it has a segment of the market that it fills very well. No commercial product is targeted at literally every person. And you really don't need much to run docs/sheets, I used to be able to work with it just fine on a 1Mbps connection which was not very good at providing that much either.

    Yes hardware had to evolve fast to do more, but core hardware companies make profits doing this, so this is clearly something which the market wants and they'd be idiots to ignore that.

    Also, low level/systems stuff is still heavily optimized, because the value payoff is immense and there's huge demand for it. Those folks really, really know their stuff. If you like close to hardware, heavily optimized programming, then that's the place to do it (I know you're an embedded systems guy, it's totally relevant there). It just doesn't make sense for an office app when higher level tech works good enough.
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    @QuanticoCEO I completely agree with your first comment...I was just mentioning the facts of the industry.
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    Google sheets may be better than Microsoft Exel but its no match to MS Excel!

    Convince me otherwise. :)
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