Well i just discovered cucumber. Where has this been all my life

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    You probably don't want to know.

    Side note, I hate the smell of cucumber with passion.
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    Tzatziki, mostly.
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    In my garden!
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    @netikras , looks like a snake here
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    @Nanu Could be.. A few families of grass-snakes live in that garden :)
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    Cucumber and its cross-language counterparts (I work mostly with PHP these days so I generally use Behat) are wonderful. They're a good way to get started with testing or add some level of testing to a legacy code base that you can't write unit tests for, and they're great for driving development of new features.
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    It has been in your salad the whole time 🤯
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    Add some miracle grow, you'll have cucumbers bigger than a bad dragon dildo.

    I'm pretty sure my neighbor kept stealing those cucumbers, for what reasons I can only speculate.
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