Sometimes, I feel like these recruiters are just typing keywords, and spam people who fit.

I did one NodeJS project and I keep getting invited for an interview even though I have less than 3 months' worth of knowledge while the job description states 5 or more years of experience.

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    They do that. They invite you to interviews for jobs where you don't meet the requirements, just to deny you later on.

    They do this because it "ups" their stats.

    Like - "Whoah, we had X amount of applicants, we're so popular, everyone wants to work here!!"

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    HR is a total crap shoot. Unless they actually know what they are doing (rare) and know the tech (unicorn rare).
    They get paid/bonuses by the successful hire, and treat those who interview as the enemy, and applicants as ammunition.

    Always make sure they know you don't like to waste your time, and that you have other interviews/offers to consider.
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    This one lady has been messaging me for weeks on LinkedIn. Wonder when she'll realize I'm never going to reply.
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