I'll just reboot my phone, what is the worst that can happen..

"File size too big, may crash application"...

It doesn't, but for some reason it only opens my todo list as READ ONLY..

Well, that isn't very helpful is it !

How big is too big you are wondering, 200k it says, anything beyond that, big problems..

Of course, its some weird ass text format that means editing it in another editor will be, really difficult..


And I just got a newer phone, only the screen is cracked :-(

Did it happen in transit I wonder, or did the seller not notice, or did they notice and that is why it was super cheap..

It was covered in bubble wrap, in a box, which was then covered in a lot of bubble wrap, inside another box..

But when I opened it, the case of the phone was loose, like it had been dropped..

So, did that happen in transit, or maybe the sell just dropped it the moment before they started to wrap it in bubble wrap..

You can't see it easily, only at a certain angle in the light, and the phone appears to work ok so far..

I guess a really good case for it and a screen protector to help hold the screen together for a few years might work fine.. ?

Now to spend all day getting access back to my todo list..

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    It also took me a while to get the back off my old phone to swap SIM's..

    Since I'd forgotten I had blutak'd it shut to stop it rattling !

    No wonder it took a lot of force to get it off !
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    Wrestled my todo list down to 195k, so now it loads fine !

    Made a note at the top, keep file below 200k..

    Who codes an editor to max out at 200k files !

    Luckily I had 3 text editors on the phone, but of course, they borked at the file type, so I had to change the extention to get them to try and load the file at least.

    One said corrupted file, cannot load !

    The other was fine with it though, phew !

    Then I had to save it as another format after I had edited it a little from 201k to 195k..

    I tried several different formats, until I hit one that was 195k ( ANSI ), since the first few tries of other ones, just bloated it up to 400k !

    Thing was not helped by some text editors being unable to see the root directory..

    And things not helped by the file manager letting you rename your files only one way, eg. you could rename "test" to "test.doc", but you then couldn't rename it "text.txt", since the first editor wouldn't load .doc text files, only .text files..
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    Now I just have to go through my 195k todo list and see what I can remove..
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    Meanwhile the new phone is busy doing windows updates..

    Hopefully via wifi, and not via a mobile connection !

    And hopefully these updates work..

    Why a Windows phone you are wondering..

    Well, its cheap !

    I just kinda want a, phone..
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    I know it's not a secret that you're a weirdo. But still. Windows phone, really‽
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    @electrineer At least I don't have to worry about malware Android software on it. :-)

    I wonder how hard it is to change the ringtone to something I want..
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    There's no warranty?

    If I were you, I will fight my way to get a replacement
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    @cho-uc 2nd hand unit.
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