Can you guess my favorite editor? Just got my custom keycaps.

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    great advice on your space key, my friend. I'll take that
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    Anything that supports Vi bindings.
    I'm wondering what Readline/Emacs bindings keyboard would look like.
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    @hjk101 Yes, that would be fun to see. I am interested in Emacs too but am too old and lazy to learn that as well.
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    @andikaEka Yes indeed, Theodore Roosevelt is by far the greatest president the US ever had. And greater than most anybody I can think of in any context.
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    what you say: hi there!

    what a vim user hears: can you get me, in detail, through your vim configuration?
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    your favorite editor is nano.

    if you think otherwise, you just don't know it yet.
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    "I use Vim because the key combinations allow very effective text editing, it makes me a lot more productive"

    "Oh really? Nice! So what features have you worked on today?"

    "Well I spent 3 hours looking at people's configs, then I took 4 hours to write a plugin for fzf so I can use it to fuzzyfind Haskell modules, then I spent half an hour replacing Vundle with Plug, and then I noticed that the VCS gutter didn't work anymore but then I remembered that I commented that out in my config, because I really would like the diff lines to be purple but it kept breaking, so after browsing some more configs on the internet I just got a bit distracted playing Vim golf, but then I saw someone mention this "emacs" thing so I thought let's give that a try so I spent 9 hours trying to get all my code completion working there..."
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    @bittersweet you’re a writer. Now stop. You don’t need to prove anything to me, I’m already familiar with your style, and actually, I quite like it. American pop culture comparisons are cheesy, so I’ll compare you to Boris Zakhoder.
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    @kiki I'm not proving anything to anyone it's just that the muse in my head likes to drink cognac with me, posting comments is just a compulsory meditation to keep me sane. If I didn't shitpost, the shit would stay in my head. So I bother other people with it.
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    @kiki Also you think American pop culture comparisons are cheesy so you compare me to a Russian translator of American pop culture? 😂
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    I think all writers should use vim. Talking to you @bittersweet
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