Vim is like smoking, not as many people smoke these days, not many use Vim as in the past.
Smokers (vimmers) only realize they're hooked once they try to stop (try any other editor).
They find their favorite brand of smokes... I mean, write their own vimrc and can't stand any other brand (vimrc).
They also rather smoke old rope (no vimrc) than no smoke (no Vim) at all.
They only miss smoking (Vim) when they could and are not smoking (vimming).
They start wanting to smoke (have vim) everywhere (even while browsing).
Slowly they start coughing from smoking (little finger aches from not using a mouse).
Their lives grow more stressing e.g. they burn their finger while trying to smoke, for example, when driving, or their sanity when Vim doesn't do what it wasn't conceived to do.
Surprisingly, for them, they find it hard to convince others to smok... Oops, ...to use Vim.
Nonetheless, they don't really want, or can't, find anything apparently as enjoyable as smoki... as vimming.
My, oh my, why do I even Vim?

Tales from a Vim smok... sorry, user (me).

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    By the second sentence we understood the comparison. I don't think it was necessary to repeat it every time.
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    @c3r38r170 looks like rant-shamming, if so, a rant in itself, nicely done, fellow ranter.
    also, not everyone reading this smokes or is a "hard smoker", I dare say close to none. I stand by this prose's `()`repeated emphasis
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    But coworkers using vim are less annoying than coworkers who smoke. Slightly.
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    No need to shame people using vim. Shame people shaming you for NOT using vim!
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    Maybe feeling ashamed is the reason why it's annoying.
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    Vim is light, vim's is truth, vim is practical... well, when you learn it that is. I wish I had it on my phone
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    Honestly I could care less, but when it comes to cli, when vim is default, I stick with the default.
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    @petergriffin got you there. I only do cli, so, well, vim, vim vim vimvimvimvimvim
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    Oh, come on, smokers aren't nearly as bad a vimmers. For one, there's no "useCigs" user here that spams pro-smoking memes. More over, unlike vimmers, smokers know smoking is bad and suggest no one ever take up the habit.
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    Looks like someone is talking to someones
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    @NotJeckel those are the old smokers, newer smokers would pawn their granny if it convinced you that smoking is pleasurable 🤣
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