There has to be a software project bingo somewhere where I could just mark one item at a time of what's wrong and should be fixed, eventually leading to the same loop all over again. Items include, but are not limited to:

- The application is too tightly coupled
- There are too many repos and people can't keep track
- Someone forgot to create a naming convention for everything
- Nobody is reviewing pull requests
- Someone opened a PR for their 1 month of work
- Some team created a service for themselves, that doesn't cover use cases for every other team (who didn't tell anyone they needed it), thus it was a bad thing
- Business owners telling something needs to get done now and go talk directly to a developer
- Nobody thought about network latency in microservice architecture
- There's an invalid translation in this string, let's push the MVP another two months to make sure everything is perfect before launch
- The API gateway has business logic in it
- Business wants to focus on output, development teams in outcome
- "You need to request a virtual machines from the IT department so we know you won't mine bitcoin there!" Takes two months to fulfill that request.
- <add documentation here>
- 675 vulnerabilities in packages
- People complain about not knowing what others are doing, but nobody wants to speak up

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    Free center square: Commits with changes in 50 files and a message of "."
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