Don't get me wrong, I love clojure, BUT, is it really that surprising how hard it is to bring in new clojurists?!?!
I mean,
"oh, people get confused a lot about namespaces, why is that?"
Don't you get it? "namespaces"? Really?, I mean, seriously??? In VSCode days, to call source code paths as "namespaces" and hope people that are still learning about the JVM will understand it is NOT FEASIBLE. Thank God I was already a seasoned vim user before clojure, otherwise I'd give it up pretty fast.

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    @lambda123 yah... that part about error messages is why I love Rust. you even get an arrow to the error in the source code and hyperlinks to documentation LMAO
    but, about the JVM, it's just that, a VM, like, in the raw meaning of it. virtual paths, virtual executables, virtual everything
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    I feel the same, but with rust.
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    @gcavalcante8808 i totally get you, BUT: Rust is ripping a band-aid, a long due band-aid. Shit like bash-scripting and C programming for example, are supposed to be easy as fuck, but our OOP-directed beanie-brains can't understand that Bash is LISP-like and C is fucking functional, trying to do OOP with them is like trying to surf without a board o.O
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