I've been in touch by phone with a recruiter from collabera.com and they seem to be in a huge rush to get started with me in a cloud support engineer for Microsoft Azure. They have a screening call setup on Wednesday for me with an Account Manager at Microsoft Azure. With rising recruitment scams among other things, I'd looking to verify they are legitimate before I give them any information beyond the info I already gave. They've told me they need me to start the job ASAP.

They've asked for:

- Legal name

- State and County Name

- Partial date of birth (They were very clear to not include the year of birth)

- Choice of pay option

They've already sent me a pay offer and information on the health insurance plan I would receive.

There is a known phishing scam from collabera.net impersonating collabera.com according to the BBB that they're warning about.

I want to make sure that beyond low balling me for a pay offer (they said it's an 18-month contract) there's not anything else fishy going on.

I have other interviews this week and will likely have an offer from another company directly (not through a staffing agency) in a few weeks. While I want to accept offers that are good, I want to make sure I'm not giving my personal information to scammers.

Based on some research there seem to be a lot of scams using the company's name. I found the article https://theregister.com/2020/07/... at least indicates the company is real. In my call with them they did not insist on me giving them my social security number or other personal information (which they'd need for identity theft) and they also gave me information on the health insurance plan. On the other hand they seemed unprofessional. It's hard to know who to believe. They also sent me information on IIS I'm supposed to read before the screening call. It all seems very weird. I'm skeptical to say the least. It's all very detailed if it's a fake job offer scam.

I don’t want to skip a real interview but feel anxious after reading a lot of bad things about the agency.

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    The rush sounds a bit suspicious, especially in combination with a big company as MS.

    And the role, cloud support engineer, is that to help customers on azure or …
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    @Voxera The role is to support Microsoft Azure App Services enterprise customer. Based on what I am reading the staffing agency is legitimate, even uses their legitimate email addresses and DKIM matches. My main concern is the rush as they did not ask for any personal information and just want me to interview. They even negotiated the pay rate upfront. It more seems like they want to lowball my offer than to scam me and I already negotiated up to a more acceptable rate. I flat out asked what is the salary range after they asked was it negotiable to see if we should end the call there.
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    @Voxera they sent me this six page packet about benefits and links to HR seems way too detailed for a scam 🤨
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    @catgirldev I agree, unless your sitting on a fortune worth stealing ;)
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    Have the bestest of lucks, lol, you go gurl
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    The DKIM is a good sign but nothing is too detailed for a scam.
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    @hjk101 that will depend on the target.

    A scam that costs more to perform than the potential gain is quite unlikely ;)
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    @hjk101 I’m gonna go to the interview and see what happens. I am hoping the job is real and all.
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    @Voxera Yeah plus sitting through and negotiating pay, a 6 page health insurance benefits summary complete with emails for HR and stuff. It would be insane to put that much effort in 😬
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    @Voxera yeah you are right. Do take scale benefits into account though. A document template that is going to be send to thousands can have some extra attention without being too costly.

    Good luck with the interview!
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    Nobody is in a rush to hire you. Your instinct says don't. DON'T. Do NOT do it. Print this reply fifty times and tape it everywhere you see. You'll thank me for this.
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    @bols59 I will say they were unprofessional although I have other interviews with different companies I am more interested in anyways.
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    @hjk101 that is a good point. I verified the company website and DKIM Signatures on the emails. It seems at least that much to be a legitimate contact from the company. Insider threats exist so I am approaching this with a veil of caution.
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    @catgirldev you sound like you're not going to be hoodwinked into anything. Jumping into something like a job if you have any doubts can have unfortunate results.
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    @bols59 I accepted an offer today with a company in my state with much more favorable terms.
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