I have the feeling that the whole software industry is not making any real progress anymore. Or at least not at that speed like for 10-20 years or so. Now one company doing something somehow innovative and everybodys copying that shit and start a feature battle. Just to have more reasons to suck you into their ecosystem and grab your wallet.

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    Neither did people back then. The things you now consider "big" didn't get all that attention until someone refined them to the point where large masses of people could get some real use out of them. The process was slow and gradual, just like what's happening today; however, when you look back you're not seeing the whole progress, you only see what later turned out to be an important milestones. The same will be true in 20 years when people look back at the things which are being developed today.
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    @hitko I guess you have a point on that
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    There's also a wagons load of projects that fizzled out and the project repo has been since set to "Read Only".
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    It sounds there is a lot of survivorship bias, in the part "for 10-20 years".
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