We can say I'm so called senior in my company. Not exactly a senior because I have like 2.5 years of commercial experience, but everyone in the company has much less.

As I'm kind of technology enthusiast, I have a lot of personal experience with Linux, Docker, I'm basically quite familiar with a lot of stuff both in theoretical and practical manner. That's why often I'm helping my less experienced friends to solve some issue, help with docker, help with deployment, and I'm really happy to do so.

Recently I was helping to deploy something ASAP on environment no one is familiar with and it took me couple of hours to do so, as it required changes in a lot of places. Even our team lead was happy about it.


I've just got email from my boss, that I should focus less on helping others. Not even a "thanks, good job". After I literally helped this company to get their shit together

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    any boss saying you should help _less_ is a huge red flag IMHO
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    great boss. If you have time for all that instead of why you are hired (and the boss is paying you for)

    You actually should put more time into your own tasks.
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    What is your position in the company? If you’re in sales, I could understand your boss although he could have been more tactful. If you’re a tech lead or lead dev I would assume your role would be helping other devs
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    What @tosensei said. Huge red flag. Huge. Leave!
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