good bosses - hell yes

ive had a few. the relaxed, understand reality, not corporate sucking shills.

1 in fast food working midnights. great guy. loved musik. would break the rules when it made sense so we could get some r&r.

2nd in tech, first big boy job. i remember one of the first weeks i put in my 'honest' hours and he got asked about it. he just said 'ya just, fill out 40, no big deal' B) was always ok with us doing w/ (a lot of ppl lived close by) as long as we got our work done. great guy

3rd, not really my 'boss' but he should have been since he knew wtf was going on and basically spoon fed our non-boss boss that just wanted to look good. was pretty much the only guy on my direct team that would get shit done when i was pulling all the weight.

ive had a few other decent ones. some skummy ones, legit swindlers, assholes, corporate fuck heads, use and lose abusers. but im glad for the good bosses. chill, dont take things too seriously, good at what you do.

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