i hate these frickin javascript libraries. ive seen ppl say theyre for compatibility bc some magical thing makes normal js break, but then i see ppl bitch about particular libs being hell to upgrade. i see ppl say it's for ease of use, but then it seems like a hell hole.

you know what it is? it's frickin DRM. that's it. someone wanted to make sites and not have it be as easy to copy as looking at the javascript you have to download to view and use the frickin page. and they wanted some hopped up garbage to come out the other end but somehow still get used by a browser.

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    Minification isn't obfuscation although also minification makes the code hard to understand. It's about reducing the transfer size. And no, text compression alone is not as good as minification and text compression.
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    Compatibility libs are due to differences between browsers.

    While most modern browsers are quite compatible, going back a decade or more and there where many small diffs that made life difficult.

    Modern libraries are more for extending js to be faster to develop in and many times also faster to display things by avoiding things that browsers are slow at.

    And so called minifiers are as said for speed by reducing size, and they can make a huge difference.

    Obfuscation, while it exists, are not really very common since they are usually quite easily partly reversed and by then not much better than a good minifier.

    Anyone that tries to use if for DRM are just plain ignorant ;)
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    Been there, implementing DRM is hard to get right and debug.
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    JS libs can be quick and convenient and just work when you're making something new, but if you're not very deliberate in how you design things, maintenance down the line can easily descend into dependency hell.
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