Is there a good technical reason why React is the most popular? Or is it just because of marketing, and other things like that?

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    It's just been around longer. Don't use it myself anymore.
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    Basically because it abstracts many of the complex front end dev things away, without introducing ridiculous amounts of complexity, boilerplate and not breaking their shit if they feel like it(looking at you angular).
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    IMO it's just as shit as any other such framework. It just has great marketing, and it let's the programmer jump right in without worrying about a lot of the more complex concepts. Whether that last part is a good thing is debatable, but but it sure does lure inexperienced people in
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    @killermenpl do you know Jason knight? You two would love eachother.
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    @max19931 You mean the guy from Forged in Fire? That's the only Jason Knight I found. I have to idea what he's got to do with anything
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    @killermenpl no Jason knight on medium(codeX)
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