You know when you do a fresh install of Windows OS and the first thing you do is turn off indexing on all your drives..

It's what I do. :-)

Anyhow, I was checking a machine earlier, and its C: indexing was turned on !

All the other drives, still off..

I wonder, a windows update ?

Turned it off in, where is it now, services ?

So I'm going to have to check every PC here now, and after every windows mayor update to see if it gets turned on again !

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    It's very weird to read "windows os"
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    You probably just missed that one.
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    @jonas-w probably he's used to post on a lot of DIY house maintenance websites
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    It is like the number one thing I do the first moment I get, must turn off indexing on C: !

    And the most common thing I check if a machine is consumed with disk activity.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed it ?

    Googling, I come across one possible thing that could have happened:



    . . . whenever I search for a file in Explorer, a message tells me my searches may be slow because indexing is turned off - do you want to turn it on? I click to turn it on but the same message appears with subsequent searches.


    I just noticed this appearing, so a slip of the finger and its suddenly turned on again..

    I wonder how you can disable that popup message box thing from appearing every time ?
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    @Nanos installing linux solves this.
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    @Nanos You could try disabling the indexing service.
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    @jonas-w It's on my todo list. :-)

    But then most of the software I have won't work..
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    Yes I did that, but the popup message still appears.

    Unless you mean, since we don't have threaded chat here, as an answer to an earlier point. :-)
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    @Nanos what software specifically?
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    @Nanos The popup might still appear. But it probably doesn't reenable the service. It likely just configures a drive to be indexed - which will not happen while the service is disabled.

    It would be a safeguard to prevent accidental misclicks to have performance-degrading consequences.
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    @Oktokolo I'll test it !

    I can always turn it off again...

    Well, I tested it..

    It does turn the Windows Index service back on !

    C: went to 100% disk usage, but when I checked disk properties, it didn't show indexing to be active..

    And yet it must have been active !

    When I disabled it again, C: activity stopped..

    So my next question is, how do I know if Indexing is really off on a disk, even if it says it is off ?

    Can indexing be on for certain folders, and not others ?
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    @Nanos It actually re-enabled the indexing _service_? It seems to be called "wsearch" now, but here is a link to clarify, what i mean with "disabling the service":


    Apart from their snake oil stuff, Windows never reenabled any service i manually set to disabled.
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    It actually re-enabled the indexing _service_?


    It did yes !

    I had the Services thingy open to check live, and it did indeed change it from disabled to automatic delayed start.

    As mentioned, at the same time, disk activity went from almost nothing to 100%, until I disabled it again, and then disk activity dropped to almost nothing.
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    @Nanos Wow! They changed it, that bastards.

    Maybe, you can still prohibit running the service abusing a group policy.
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    @Nanos Yeah, that should work.
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