Alright, I was a little bored...
Rewatching some old flicks and thought I write a little script.

Mind you, I had no idea how to do any of the following, but as it turns out it's quite simple.

I wanted to take an image. A background image. Automatically write some text to it. The text, I would take from the RSS feed of my favourite blogger. It's the three latest blog entries, or at least the first 50 characters of their titles.

Then set the newly created background image with text as my desktop background.

And finally do all of that every 5 minutes.

So, I looked up a library for the image manipulation. Looked up how to set a background image from python.

What would you wager was the hardest part of the exercise? If you said every step will take you like 5 minutes, except setting up Windows Scheduler, that shit will take you more than an hour, then you're dead on.

That thing seems so... useful, yet so hard to understand. I found a StackOverflow post in which people argued what the settings meant.

Maybe I am just no Windows person, but hey, that thing seems needlessly complicated.

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    You plan to do repetitive requests to your favourite blogger's website every 5 minutes... for this? Does he post every 5 minutes??? Crazy misuse of bandwidth.
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    Also I would go crazy if your desktop image changes every 5 minutes. Cool for a screensaver, but the actual desktop...

    And what is so hard to understand with windows sheduler ?

    You make a shedule, add a script/action/trigger, set the time and intervals and done. 5 minute job :)
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    Not as bad as having a constant request stream to sync file changes.

    Like google docs or other collab Software, where the change rate is realtime(at most every 30 seconds)
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    Yeah, he posts often enough every 5 minutes. It's not that much bandwith, I do only request his RSS feed. RSS feeds are there to be requested fairly regular.


    Background image does not changed every 5 minute. I write news on it. The text written in the lower right corner changes. About Scheduler:

    I set it up to run every morning at 00:00pm.

    I repeat every 5 minutes.

    I repeat for 1 day.

    If I miss a schedule, I start immediately.

    If I set it up to run once, but repeat every 5 minutes indefinitely, would that survive reboots?

    Questions like that are non-obvious.
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    Eccentric person's RSS feed widget
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    Yes you should make the trigger as followed :

    Daily, start at a date and hour as you want (not very important and you can put like 01/01/2022)

    Run it every 1 day(s)

    In the advanced settings, you set the repeat at 5min, during 1 day.

    And that should be all you need to have a task that repeats itself everyday each 5 minutes.
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    setting up a windows scheduler task took you an hour?

    yeah, the UI is verry programmer-like, undesigned and unfriendly, but... an hour? with googling?
    my first task ever took me 5 or 10 minutes of just poking around in the program, no googling needed.
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    Also you will introduce about 8000 requests on the Webserver per month.
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