I must be getting old. ifconfig and netstat has been deprecated. And I just found out recently.

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    Whats the new and shiny thing now?
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    Isn't it deprecated since 10 years?

    @iiii iproute2 (`ip` and `ss`)
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    @jonas-w Ubuntu 18.04 still has both tools (not sure about 20.04).
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    Always wondered why ifconfig and not ipconfig what does the f stand for.?
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    And the command syntax sucks worse then tar.
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    @jazznoodler the "if" is short for "interface".
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    @fruitfcker https://archlinux.org/news/...

    It is also included in the archlinux repos, but deprecation just means unmaintained and should not be used, but it still works and people don't like change
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    What?! When did that happen?!!
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    @jonas-w WHAAT i still use ifconfig these days
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    I guess this rant needs a little context. I installed a _new_ Ubuntu 22.04LTS. No netstat or ifconfig. My previous Ubuntus were upgraded from 16 to present that's why ifconfig/netstat were present. I don't get it. If ifconfig had "mediocre" ipv6 or whatever, why not just improve it? And not build a whole new command for it. I guess I need to promote this book. Again! https://amazon.com/UNIX-Haters-Hand...
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    @fruitfcker i don't know why, but i use iproute2 daily and it feels far more better to use. It also has the same cool stuff like nmcli where you could write "nmcli connection show Connection-Name" but also "nmcli c sh Connection-Name" Or "ip link" = "ip l" and so on.
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