I've been asked to be a judge at a local Battle of the Bands. I have no musical experience other than the luxury of listening to different types of music.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do.

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    Focus on other aspects like crowd connection and sex appeal
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    If there are official criteria, use them to guide your judgments. Otherwise just judge by your own criteria - whatever that may be (personal taste, perceived skills, how much the crowd likes them, how much other judges like them, how much they need a win to enable their district to survive the next round of the hunger games...).
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    Just judge based on how you like them.

    You don't need to be a musician to know what music you like or not.

    We don't like when clients/managers attempt to judge technical stuff by their mostly inexistent technical criteria, but they get a say about the shiny frontend. It's the same here.

    If, by your own admission, you can't judge technical skill in music, say so. If that is a must, then you'll get leave, which wouldn't seem bad if you are concerned about being selected. Most likely it won't even matter and be told to choose what you like best.
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    Judge based upon your reaction.

    1. does it sound good

    2. does it create an emotion

    3. would you listen to it again

    4. what color does it bring up, do you like that color
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    I have a masters degree in music, taught guitar for 14 years, and I KNOW you will do as well if not better than I could! Look for the bands with the most raw potential and most original and personal musical expression. They’re the ones who deserve recognition IMO.
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    I just got back. The venue is pictured here. I'm not making this up. That's the name of the venue.

    It's just two bands competing. Band #1 is a seasoned cover band playing in clubs. Band #2 is a young rock cover band.

    Band #1 had a problem with timing. IMO, the drummer sets the tempo. But this drummer needs to practice with a metronome or something to work on his counting or beats. The only plus is that they made 1 rock song, reggae style.

    Band #2 played a bit better, and the song choices had a rock theme. The vocalist, though, kept looking at his guitar and it would affect his singing.

    In the end, band #2's performance was better. And the two other judges agreed with me.
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