Continuing on the PR ranting.. That's six PR's in the queue now. The most important one took over a week to sort through because someone had a grand idea to generalize the work and that required a ton of changes. Great to receive that kind of feedback AFTER I've already done the work.. Then we waited on translations because can't miss those! Now the tests are failing. Not caused by me! Someone messed up the E2E tests. That's two weeks in the queue now.

Because one test is failing, that's a block across all the PR's. All of them have now been waiting multiple days in the queue. After someone manages to fix the broken test, all PR's go one by one into the QA testing queue and that takes 1-2 hours per branch to test and deploy to production.

Really love having a cycle time of four days for coloring a button differently! And the constant context switching.

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