Android turbo coding Platform: Creating an active community which will be working under open source projects for education( and later for earning) purposes.

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Open source idea

Android turbo coding Platform: Creating an active community which will be working under open source projects for education( and later for earning) purposes.

- There will be an active open-to-all group on slack/gitter/whatsapp - Everyone can suggest* An Android project for the next week on saturday/sunday - 1-2 moderators will select the projects and will make a github repo out of it. - for the next week( monday- friday), everyone can contribute on the selected projects.The contributions will include codebase and *A LOT OF INFORMATION RELATED TO THE CODE * (not necessary but that's kinda main agenda: to create softwares that help in learning about the platform in general.) - this will help in creating a centralized codebase with active developers and mentors helping to share their knowledge with everyone, thus creating better developers.And when several minds are working together to solve the same query, i am sure we will be able to solve any problem in the minimal amount of time. Please let me know if you are interested by commenting in the commentbox.This can be something small that could grow into something big
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java,kotlin,mobile app dev technologies
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    Darshan here from Capgemini Denmark

    I have worked on Java, Angular, Ionic
    would like to join your team as a developer

    Please confirm me the eligibility

    Darshan Redkar
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    Thanks for showing interest @daredkar , everyone having anywhere between basic to advance knowledge of any mobile app-dev platform is eligible( although java and kotlin will be more preferable since we have some good mentors and material on it.)
    I have also posted this collab idea to other dev groups and sites. Let everyone read and respond.

    Will be starting the collab platform on this friday, May 11th.
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    Also , here is the very first discussion i would like to have (for anyone interested):

    Which collab platform would you like to have for discussions and queries related to the projects in this collab?

    1)Public WhatsApp Group
    2)Slack channel
    3)Discord Channel
    4) Google+ group
    5) {your suggestions}

    Discussions open till Thursday may 10
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    @chaostools hello, I'm frontend Developer with nodejs experience and angular 5, never worked with Java or Kotlin but I'm very proactive and wiling to learn. If I can join I would to. Thanks
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    Interesting idea. I've been an Android developer for over 5 years. Java and Kotlin experience.
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    @TitanLannister Are there anymore details about this? Did it kick off on the 11th?
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    Hey Everyone. Thank-you for showing interest... As of now this project is in hiatus.
    Although i got a very positive response by almost 40 people( those who liked this idea ), i am still unable to start this platform due to being stuck in personal life (scholarships,intern,papers,ugh) however this idea is open for all to utilize. I could also provide more vision about this to anyone interested to work on it...

    And if not , then i will definitely try to release a positive update before june 15th.
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    I would also be up to it. Knowing Java and android.
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    Java would be general starter i guess
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    @singh029 how is this related?
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