Stubmatic: mocks and debug HTTP calls. Designed specially for testers.

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Stubmatic: mocks and debug HTTP calls. Designed specially for testers.

Features: - It can mock HTTP calls. - Run as separate server or part of your project. - No coding skills are required - You can mock binary response too. - multiple ways to mock dynamic responses - can be used to debug HTTP calls - many others
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    But doesn't this already exist?
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    @ngCry do you mean some alternative? I doubt. I hope you're not talking about stubby4j.
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    Not to be "that guy" but isn't five minutes of the documentation for your languages HTTP library (I like flask personally, python guy) and curl enough? I don't understand the appeal.
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    @deadPix3l do you mean the documentation on devRant?
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    @deadPix3l if I can understand your words correctly,

    Our team was previously using stubby4j (one of the famous tool for mock web services) and I created stubmatic to solve all the problems and implement all the features to make a dedicated tool to build mocked webservers.

    In most of the projects, simulators are handled by QAs who don't want to deal with complex coding. Hence I created this one.

    Moreover, mocking binary data is really difficult. With stubmatic it's easy.
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    @amitgupta ahh okay. Maybe I'm just not a target audience. I've always just made something quick in flask and used curl. Seemed easier than learning a new tool and writing a yaml file, reading the man page, etc. Seemed like just too much.

    But if your team is using it frequently and you have non programmers doing it, then I get it.
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    @deadPix3l sometimes learning a new tool may require sometime but once your learn it also become 2 min thing.

    You can avoid all such thing, watch the video tutorial. It's not perfect but will tell you how easy it is.

    In short, you need just 2 commands to install & setup the workspace. And then change the url of your wish and copy paste your response.

    It'll take less time than reading this comment. 😊
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