Sharded Deployments on Kubernetes

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Sharded Deployments on Kubernetes

Here is the deal, namespaces are already isolated. But how about you know describing a application, let's say.. PriceEstimator -> and deploying this to multiple namespaces and managing them using custom controller and custom resource definitions. The same can be achieved much easily, if scope can be set to another crd when defining a crd. But as of now, it can only be set to either a namespace or cluster. Once we achieve it, then we will be focusing routing traffic based on different strategies to different cluster/shard based on either headers and etc. I want you to understand, it is just an idea and we might or might not able to achieve it. But we will definitely gain some learning.
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go, golang, yaml, kubernetes
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    Your idea sounds interesting.

    I am not sure if I understand correctly: Do you want to shard across namespaces, and if yes, what would be the advantage if the application is sharded on the same cluster?

    Or do you want to shard across multiple clusters?

    If so, why not deploying the same application on all required clusters normally and load balance between them?
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