Public Article 13 Filter - Don't leave this to BigTech

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Public Article 13 Filter - Don't leave this to BigTech

As the European Union is about to adopt what is known as Article 13, we must not leave the implementation of Upload Filters / Auto Licensing to Big Tech. I know there is a monstrous effort required, but the only way we can save the openness and accessibility of the web is by doing this open-source/donation-based. I have started a GitHub Project to organize the efforts. I'll be contributing a lot to that the coming days, but you might want to join me in the discussions/decisions. Maybe we can do this.
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    Good for me, I'm going to do the opposite. Check how the filters operate and build browser extensions that alter images etc until they don't match. Upload.
    They can suck a big one.
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    @Kimmax thats what going to happen. All people will do their best to bypass that shit.
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    @Kimmax @Vuetiful
    I think both ideas are good. Free 'filters' for smaller platforms, and evaluation of evasion technologies against bigger ones.
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    @hypervtechnics exactly. It's a form of protest.
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    Shouldfilter => return true;

    Next Project please
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    Also, this looks like a project for @linuxxx
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    @Kimmax I totally agree. Our primary focus should be to get this law abolished, be it by voting, protesting or making it senseless by countermeasures like yours.

    My suggestion is a secondary course of action - if there is no other way, at least implement it in a way that doesn't give Big Tech control over all our info. If we had left the implementation of the web to corps 30 years ago, we'd all be watching a very elaborate and expensive TV right now.
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    @ewpratten great! did you have a look at the github? I can use some help getting the discussions started. There are quite a few decisions to be made

    @KDSBest nah, that's too obvious. More like
    shouldfilter() => Math.rand() > 0.5
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    @Vuetiful sure, I agree
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