Looking for collab for making a dev portal just for Start-ups to collab with freshers and freelancers.

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Looking for collab for making a dev portal just for Start-ups to collab with freshers and freelancers.

I have thought of the app to be very minimal in terms of UI-UX, where the inspiration is devrant itself. Start-ups would be able to post work requirements where freelancers and freshers would be able to bid.
Tech Stack
React, Node, Redux, Firebase
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    What exactly would set this apart from already existing websites?

    What about marketing and financing? How will you market this among thousands of other websites? 🤔

    And why exactly do you desire a minimal setup? Do you expect to grow later? Any desire to have an actual backend if need be?
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    @alexbrooklyn Talking about the existing job portal websites , they don't specifically focus on startups and freshers/freelancers. The main problem I see is, it's very difficult for freshers to get a job easily at initial and the problem with startups is they need good but sometimes cost efficient employees. So my idea is to just get start-ups and freshers/freelancers along with. Talking about marketing, finance, there's nothing with me presently. This is just an idea I have started to develop with the stack mentioned. I wish to make it big and so I hope to get some good collabs from devrant.
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    @alexbrooklyn Getting a good job/work for freshers/freelancers and getting good cost efficient employees for START-UPS
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    @alexbrooklyn Also minimal and in terms of design and user experience, basically targeting ease of use. Also, bidding is something different I am planning to add.
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    Would there be some kind of mentorship or grading/review system in place?

    Don't get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere, but my code when I started as a developer was pretty shite and I only became a better developer after getting some experience working with seniors 🤔

    Essentially: How to guarantee the customer that their codebase won't be 🍝 after a year?
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    @alexbrooklyn Yes, I completely agree with you. I, myself am an aspiring developer. Also, yes I have thought for a review system for this. People would be rated from whom they have had collab earlier and the recommendations to the recruiters would be accordingly set. I have just started developing with the stack React native, Node, firebase, and I am open for all the suggestions I get to make it better. Brainstorming is on, and as I said I am an aspiring developer, and hence here for collab just to make this better!
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