Implementation of hackerrank in django.

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Existing open source project

CodeCheck<br /> Implementation of hackerrank in django.

Features:- 1.Supports 54 languages. 2.Contests can be hosted 3.Tracks can be added 4.Questions automatically shift to appropriate tracks in practice session after the end of contest 5.Keeps tracks of solved questions of user 6.Leaderboard in contests cantains py chart https://github.com/SauravKanchan/CodeCheck/ How can I improve this project ?
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Django,Ace editor
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    Wow nice Project ! I wonder who is your project lead !
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    @neelgeek My project lead asked me to build the basic version of this site but I have successfully implemented whole Hackerrank ...but now he is not using this site๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘.....I hope that he use this site for something
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    @sauravnk30 Oh sad :(
    Pretty sure ur lead is a good guy,bt his cto must be a bitch :(.
    Hang on,ur project will be used soon!
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