You had one job! I can do better than this

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    I am getting confused about getting confused, this image is wrong on sooo many levels.
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    32min - yes i suppose this is correct
    1cal - wait what?
    31meters - definitely more than that
    Self explanatory for the map...
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    The data could be correct if it weren't for the map. The person on this app didn't have location service on at the start. So the app defaulted to 0,0. Then they activated it resulting in the end point.
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    Wow I wish I could cross such a distance so quickly
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    @Alice you must be really strong if you can throw me that high 🤔 but on the other hand I am short and light ...
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    @Alice my mom laughs at my weakness ...
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    @Alice funny how I kind of thought you'd be tall 😊
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    @Alice I guess everybody wants to be what he isn't ... I'm often wishing I'd be taller
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