If the Firefox Quantum is really good then you don't need to say:

"Chrome will become obsolete"

"I hope Chrome dies"

"Chrome's dead, long live Firefox"

to prove that it's a great browser. Fanboys always ruins nice experiences.

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    yip, the damn walking clichés
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    Oh it's not about proving that its a great browser, I've hoped chrome dying out for ages (for obvious reasons in my case) but if that's ones reason to express their opinion on in this case Chrome, why not?

    The performance of the new Firefox is better than even Chromium for me and quite some people I know who've tried it which means that it can about match chrome/chromium right now so I'd say it's a very valid opinion to express at this very moment right now.
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    `sudo killall google-chrome -9`
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    I use whatever DEVs made more compatible with their application so I can break it easier. /shrug
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    Noone is saying "I hope, Chrome dies" to prove anything because it's horribly suited to do that.

    My educated guess is that most people who say "I hope, Chrome dies" say it because they hope that Chrome dies.
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    @algoholicDev Keep in mind that the reasons you described might not be the same reasons that some people strongly dislike chrome
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    And any man who must say 'I am king'  is no true king at all.
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    Agree big time.
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    @algoholicDev I HOPE CHROME DICE!
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    @algoholicDev It expresses a strong opinion on what one thinks about Chrome, which is valid enough for me in this situation :)
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    @algoholicDev And true but I know the person/comment tahnik pointed at and also the reasons behind that comment/opinion and I know that its not because of the facts you mentioned so I thought that needed to be said.
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    @linuxxx chrome has a lot different usecases to Firefox. For instance it syncs with my Google account and I saves my history across devices, only because one doesn't like to use Google services doesn't make the browser useless to a point where it should be dead.
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    @px06 That's an opinion (the last part, about that it shouldn't be dead).

    If a browser solely exists to gather data for a company, yes, I think it should cease to exist.

    But that's just my opinion :)
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    @px06 Firefox syncs the same data across devices if you let it.

    I've been using Chrome for 6-7 years exclusively and switched to Firefox a month ago and no - I'm not missing a single feature.
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