IOS keyboard is utter garbage. IOS as a whole is utter garbage, but the keyboard is the cream of the crop of garbage.

Wasting a user's time and destroying/changing the user's input against their wishes is malicious design of the highest order and this dumpster fire excels in it.

Type something completely valid and autocomplete changes it to something that doesn't makes sense. It not only gives you a terrible suggestion half the time, it will also change previous parts of the sentence that it somehow allowed you to keep. If you reject its suggestion, it deletes your current word and previous word(s), instead of restoring it to what it was before it made the terrible suggestion, like every other keyboard does.

Need to go back and adjust your sentence? If you tap it will hijack the cursor and highlight the nearest word it doesn't like instead of moving the cursor where you touch. If you accidentally hit a character on the cramped and unusable keyboard, congrats, you get to type the word again.

I know about hold space to drag the cursor.

I don't want Apple to decide for me that I actually wanted to go to the closest word it doesn't like, or the current word, or the next word based on a dice roll. I want the cursor to go where I tap. Like literally every other input device functions.

Want readily accessible numbers and punctuation? lol no

I know there's gboard, but compared to Android it's also almost unusable. This leads me to believe the keyboard is little more than a skin over the IOS keyboard engine, like Safari, another IOS dumpster fire. But, it is slightly better than the stock keyboard, which isn't saying much.

I yearn, minute by minute, for the time I can ditch this dumpster fire for a real phone.

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    I turned of Autocorrect within the first hours of getting my first iphone and have not turned it on since.

    With that of its quite ok in my opinion.
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    don't android keyboards have the same cursor selection problem? Blackberry with their physical keyboard is still the best keyboard option
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    @iceb Not with my s8 using Google keyboard. It's a dream compared to the iOS keyboard.

    I might just have to get a BlackBerry
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    Yes, it is utterly garbage. I wonder why they can't seem to figure that out. Bring back phones with physical QWERTY keyboards that slide out. Make use of all that thinness of hardware gained over the years with a device that is slightly less thin.
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    Didn‘t you already complain about the exact same thing at least a couple of times?

    Well, then I also repeat myself: iOS keyboard works perfectly fine on every iphone and any ipad I had in the last decade.
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    @Lensflare I've complained about this more than a couple times and every time I get zealots or apologists telling me it's my imagination and works on my machine lol

    Usually, I post because this garbage fire has made me look like a fool or has wasted a considerable amount of my time, so I vent. I've dealt with this for almost 2 years at this point so my patience is long gone.

    Works on my machine lol is not a solution.
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    @cuddlyogre looks like it works for everyone - except for you.
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    There are some examples. I pinky promise I'm not every single person in that reddit post or the poster on the Apple forums.

    It works for Apple apologists because they can't fathom Father Apple being anything less than infallible so they just accept unacceptable behavior and declare it is either normal or isn't happening.

    The worst part is, what does your unwavering love for Apple profit you? They would sell your soul for a corn chip if they even knew who you were.
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    @cuddlyogre funny how you automatically assume that I must be an Apple fanboy just because I don‘t have the same problems as you.

    I don‘t even deny that there is a problem. But instead of treating it like one and look for solutions, you just spam the same hate and imply that the keyboard is just like that, which clearly isn‘t the case for most of ios users.

    Your handful of examples is simply not even close to be considered the majority of ios users.

    If it‘s a bug that affects many users, Apple is to blame of course.
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    A little update.

    I put off updating to iOS 17 because updating always seems to make things worse. But I finally did update to 17 and the keyboard seems to have drastically improved. Almost to the point where I'm tempted to not throw this thing into a lake anymore.

    Hopefully that finally puts these rants to rest.
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    Turn autoconolete off. The world works better rhat way. Also if you cant read this, fuck yoj. Id rather make mistakes than use autocomplete
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