Handshakes are not contests. You successfully grinding my knuckles to dust doesn't mean you won or that I'm a dead fish. It means I didn't want to injure you the first time we meet.

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    next time slip your dick in their hands instead, when they reach out for a handshake.

    That'll show them who's boss, and you may get the "happy ending"
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    Always happy for a wet handshake.

    Better stay in bed if there was no sincerity in it.
    Handshake is a matter of trust.
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    @scor Certified handshake nazi. :D
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    @scor Well, if you want me to break your hand as a greeting, I'm more than capable. But that's considered rude where I come from.
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    Nah, I'm allright. Totally understand your point and level my handshake aswell when meeting people. Just wanted to keep the conversation going and would practice my stance if it were for my head's perfect little celebrity death match world (:unrealistic, I know).
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    Last time I had an asshole who did that I slapped him in the face so hard he lost his balance.
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