why does every other culture get a horrific holiday entity that strikes fear in the hearts of children? all we have in america is a fat guy invented by corporations.

it’s not fair :(

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    Santa Claus is not invented by corporations, they just high jacked the existing one and monetized it.

    The modern santa is an amalgamation of multiple traditions.
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    @Voxera yeah.

    Plus that americas culture is pretty much an amalgation of other cultures.

    Sadly for some weird reason people love to copy it.

    Most of the Pagan related stuff is... Wild. Same like Grimms Fairytale, gory, brutal, violent and anything but child friendly.

    Probably why it got so "soft and cuddled up" for commercialization.
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    @IntrusionCM I want to include versions of those stories in my games. I also want to try and shoe horn in some Aesops fables as well. Not sure how well it will fit.
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    @Voxera i can’t believe i confused santa lore with coca cola
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    @sleepyObjobjobj Coca Cola does its best to add to that confusion:)
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