What's this space for?!

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    To explore
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    No idea but you can remove them in the customize menu.
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    No matter how often I remove this space, it always comes back after a few restarts...
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    Maybe that's to pick up the browser window if it goes at the bottom right of the desktop 🤔
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    @Kryptic0 Thank you so much, it was satisfying to remove it
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    for stuff ... you can remove them and please remove the search bar too :D use the address bar for both
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    @ThatDude when did you get your sex changed?
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    Dont forget there is one on the right too.
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    @ThatDude You are a girl?????
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    So you know that Firefox gives you some space ;)
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    My idea was so when you're going to click the first tab, you don't accidentally miss the left side and click out of Firefox...
    Though there is no space between the upper border and the top of the tab... But it's my guess.
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    In Vivaldi a similar space is there for stacked tabs, so you can select which one you want in a stack.

    In Firefox though? Just looks weird.
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