why the fuck do people on here like firefox quantum:

- windows: works, does its job well, but fuck it!

- php: works, does its job well, but fuck it!

- wordpress: kinda does its job, but fuck it!

- firefox quantum: works, does its job well, but ❤️ it

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    circlejerk and easily influced people, perhaps many users here are their literal shills sorry I meant "internet recommendators" or some bullshit term I dont remember what they call themselves
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    Lol at WordPress kinda working
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    I am beyond you OP
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    Things are bad.

    Thing is open source?
    Thing is goood.
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    @daintycode SystemD is open source, doesnt stop it from being a botnet at the end
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    I was going to make a gay joke, butt fuck it.
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    People like Mozilla. Nothing more to it really
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    I’ve been using Firefox since the pre-1.0 days. I never left.

    God, I’m old.
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    I am sorry but windows does NOT work well. Sure its fine when you do some Internet browsing of some media consumption but if you want to get work done is falls short in my opinion.
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    @chasb96 This. 👌
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    @cwizard For me, it does its job.
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    For Windows, PHP and WordPress there are nicer, more elegant, stabler and more secure alternatives.

    Firefox has always been a great browser, but it was locked into a single process and had a lot of outdated code, making it slow. That has been resolved now.

    I'm using Quantum on a Ryzen 7 with 16 threads, and am the kind of person who's compiling code, running a heavy DB script, playing Overwatch inside a qemu virtual machine, and having dozens of tabs open on 6 monitors. I don't want any of those things to be slow.

    It doesn't just do the job well, it does the job better than the rest.
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