“There’s too many Firefox quantum rants...”

Lemme let you in on a little secret:
It’s nothing new, get over it.

Apple released a new phone.
Windows updated.
Samsung or Google releases a phone.
Exam time.

Do any of you see a common theme? It’s the same people posting three metric fuck tons of posts about recent news. Wow, a tech person sharing tech news, imagine that. It’s just a phase, we all notice it. It’ll go away. Thanks. Have a nice day.

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    although, it's just a slightly improved browser. the galaxy s8 and iphone x were big deals, but this is just over the top.
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    @calmyourtities although you are right, my only problem with the phone releases were memes basically making fun of what just came out which is what annoyed me. That’s why I don’t like to be on here about 5 days before and after the releases of the phones.

    I want actual info of the phones (issues, experiences, glitches) not a cubic meter of memes making fun of design. Design is per user, not up to others to decide.

    I’m not targeting you, I just need to rant and I replied to your comment.
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    @Gerrymandered I can relate. I feel like I'm elevated and at a higher level of digital literacy when I'm seeing cool things about advanced or open source things, but the memes are just twitter, reddit, or even devRant reposts. (I'm guilty, I have posted a meme from iFunny, but the rest are original) its sad how an actual rant on here won't get as many likes as a meme. I've changed my mind, I don't really think that there should be so many memes on here, and the stories section was a good idea to solve that problem, but it didn't do its job.

    when someone, for example, posts a news article or announcement or something, I'd still like to see that, but they get mixed with the memes. any idea on when the cataglories will be implemented @dfox?
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    @calmyourtities downvote all the memes as repost unless it's over abundantly clear that it's original content.
    (and turn on the filter for reposts in settings)
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    Don't agree :)
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    you forgot that Firefox Quantum has a Multithreaded CSS Engine. It's not just a new UI and "it just works", the real improvement of Quantum is under the hood. Try not to judge to book by its cover next time
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    IMO, all the hype already got settled down. Since I don't see any hype posts on my feed. My feed is already back to windows, Linux and php posts. LOL.

    But I have seen 3,4 anti-quantum-hype posts like yours in last 24 hours. So you still seeing any quantum FTW posts by any chance?
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    @mrlinnth I've noticed the same thing. Probably seen more posts whining about people liking something new than posts about the thing it's self.

    It's the cool thing to do here. Bunch of people say one thing, say that them saying it annoys you, thus placing yourself above them.

    Technically I'm doing it too by complaining about those assholes.
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    Nah it's different, Firefox pivoted... It's okay to be excited about a big new thing, and here's as good a place as any to share it.
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    @caramelCase I’ve used FFQ for a while now. I my problem is not the browser, it’s people complaining about others making comments on it
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    @mrlinnth yeah, but like you said it is hyping down
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    EDIT FOR ALL COMMENTERS: I’m not complaining about FF Quantum, it’s my default browser. My complaint is about some posts that have the content similar to my first quote.
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    And even with all these rants it took me several days to go and fetch the update... Well I now understand why so many people have been talking about it, and I feel stupid for not updating before!
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