What do you guys tell your friends when they ask what you're doing on the computer? My wife asks all the time and I usually give a generic answer like "writing code" but lately that's not good enough. Today I had browser dev tools open along with vim because I was building a web scraper in python and I needed the structure of a certain site. I tried actually explaining it but got nowhere so I ended saying I was just downloading content from a site. Do you just give generic answers to people or try to get more technical? She seems unhappy with both approaches but maybe I'm just bad at explaining.

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    "Cheating on you, hold on a sec"
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    @BindView lol that would go over really well.
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    Hey nobody said i give good advice
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    "Oh, this? I'm simply programming a bomb to blow up your house."
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    @Michelle that doesn't work with my wife since its my house too. But it would work with friends I'd imagine.
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    @BindView except Java. I agree with that advice.
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    Maybe vim spooked her.
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    Am working on a $million dollar project, but client keeps changing specs!
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    À serious answer :
    Writing a code to explain to machines how to execute certain stuffs.

    Less serious answer :
    Writing a love lettre to computers
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    There are two likely scenarios here.
    Positive: Sounds like she actually wants to understand what you are doing. She is interest because it's an important part of your life

    Negative: She sees you put so much time into "writing code" but is it really worth waiting so much time on... Isn't he just playing/waisting time.

    If it's the positive response you need to get better at explaining things. You don't need to do generalisation until all meaning is lost but you don't have to provide all details as well. Tell her what the goal is as when fished show her the result. You can even show her what you automated (the steps you would normally perform to do it).
    I think it's sound advice but I confuse my GF more often than not because I want to share things she hardly understand. It's an easy pitfall for us. We have it amongst other Devs let alone someone who is barely read into the subject.
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    just said that you love her and give her a kiss/hug everytime she asked 😛
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