In 2014 I made a promise to myself that I will never work again in webforms again. Next day I put a resignation notice to my boss and said : "I have dignity". That was my last day when I looked at aspx file. Fast forward to 2024. I break my promise everyday for the last half a year. I can't quite because I don't see any job offers paying that handsomely as 3-4 years ago and I fear that now it may be difficult to find any work at all... I am imprisoned again in VIEWSTATE :(

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    Golden handcuff is real
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    The landscape has changed significantly since my departure in 2014, and I've found myself back in the realm of VIEWSTATE, grappling with the challenges I hoped to leave behind. The decision to return wasn't made lightly, but the current job market seems to present limited alternatives, especially in terms of compensation.
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    I mean even blazer is back to viewstate equivalent no?
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