Devducky is making advertisement at a hackathon.

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    Whats your project? All these water guns...
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    @lucaIO nerf guns ;) We have to defend ourselfes!

    * via alexa you say "open door"
    * a command is send to our api, a car door opens (an led at an raspberry changes)
    * a webclient displays the state of your car doors

    including lots of weird buzzword and hipster garbage technologies...
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    @Bitwise thank you :)
    I always go alone to a hackathon, you don't need a team beforehand. You'll meet cool people there and build a team.
    You really should go to one, I always learn cool new stuff.
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    @Bitwise it's my fifth hackathon btw :D
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    @Bitwise nah, no worries ;) In my opinion it's even a bad idea to go there as a team. Because you would just hang out with them and don't connect with other people. And that's in my opinion the most important thing at a hackathon, working with other people from different backgrounds and get to know there knowledge.
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    @rc5-asdf nah,just the camera of my phone is weird ;)
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