I am the nightmare of the recruiters. They're reaching out to me and I am giving them back every experience I received while I was a junior.
I'm arrogant, not responding, gaslighting, shaming, slow responding, sometimes I build up hope for them and just stop communicating with them.
I am a bit sorry but at the same time it feels extremely satisfying and I feel revenge.

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    Not very professional...
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    Actors hate the paparazzi until they be trying to land a gig.
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    please, do keep at it
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    I've been doing that the whole time! Welcome to the team!

    And I fucking hate WhatsApp. Why is everyone using that piece of shit.
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    as long as you avenge my ignored 10+ years of dev experience with 0 diploma, i am 100% behind you ! get those suckers what they deserve !
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