So I'm having this return to the 70s mood. Not for the 70s themselves but for the pack of tech in everyday life.

Like besides email or worldwide message exchange and wikipedia, what have been the last true innovations?

Media streaming just killed and monopolized other industries. Sure, everything is cheaper, but let's be honest, how much music do we consume? Pretty sure like 80% of people listen to the same 100 songs in their whole lifetime. Do we need limitless streaming? Did it help us somehow beyond giving some dopamine shots?

Social media are and have always been crap for posers, advertising and bots. Small communities make sense, when properly taken care of. The actual issue with social media is the replacement of the so called "Third place". The place you go after work that is not your home. We don't know each other anymore, loneliness is apparently becoming pandemic and people are struggling with this. How is this innovative? For the real time news that are making people freak out?

And then, as I ranted before, AI. It's just... Statistics. Well applied statistics. Is it an actual innovation? No. Serves nothing beyond taking someone's job.
And before some retarded dickhead starts no, it will never create the same amount of jobs as a factory would've done 100 years ago, and prompt engineering is a lie told by the very guys who SELL those products to convince you that their crap is harmless.

Maybe it's about time to hit the brakes for a second and think if the simpler things (NOT the times!) were better, if maybe if we're getting lonely is actually our fault, it's our fault for not calling that old friend for a drink, it's our fault if we keep getting some dopamine shot every minute and are barely able to look people in the eyes, it's our fault for not behaving like human beings?

I hope any engineer will understand how this rant is about consumer-oriented tech and not tech in general.

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    "retty sure like 80% of people listen to the same 100 songs in their whole lifetime."

    nah. pretty sure those 80% of people listen to $whateverCrapsTheRadioIsPlaying
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    @tosensei I'm referring to media streaming
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    @dmonkey my point being: 80% of people don't give the slightest crap what they're listening to, as long as there's some noise in the background and they don't have to do anything for it.

    and for this, they gladly pay.

    (also: if AI can take your job, your job is obsolete. just like the job of "farmhand" was made obsolete by engine-powered machinery. and the job of "typesetter" was made obsolete by digital printing. and the job of "water-fetcher" was made obsolete by plumbing.)
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    @tosensei bullshit. You're presenting jobs that were improved and that provided actual safety and/or value by allowing some resource gathering to be safer and easier.

    Take a digital artist/artisan. AI replaces them without adding any value to the result but some money saving. That's far from the concept of value.
    Same for more than half of digital jobs.

    Imagine a warehouse robot. The same: takes away the jobs without adding an actual value to it. Always a money saving for a small elite. Call me commie, but this is crap.
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    @dmonkey you're right, except that the only "crap" part is that the small elite gains, instead of everybody.

    and that's not a problem with technology, but with human nature.

    because most people are as garbage as @aviophille
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    @tosensei agree. Of course humans are to blame, tech is not sentient right now
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    @dmonkey but to be fair... most humans aren't _that_ sentient, either.
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    @aviophille here the hobby-racist goes again, boringly insulting me because i'm from germany, while completely ignoring that my statement was meant in a completely different way.

    sentience is not an intrinsic property, but a skill. like language. of physical strengh. or whatever.

    you have to practice it, or it withers.

    and it's also just a statistical fact that most humans aren't _that_ physically strong, or $skilledInWhatHaveYou.

    like you aren't that skilled in cognition and rational thought.

    doesn't make you subhuman - it's just the way that you personally suck. everybody has an aspect they're bad at: i'm not good at lifting weights, you're not good at lifting ideas.
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    @aviophille you studied psychology for five years, then work as frontend-dev?

    seems you sucked at psychology, then. which doesn't surprise me.
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    @aviophille you can only explode it once. seems you suck at anatomy as well, in addition to your anger management skills.

    also: you should REALLY talk to a therapist about those violent fantasies of yours.

    or a police officer.
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