wau what happened?

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    @Aporue-Sutol thanks ;)
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    @naktop3031 in past two days I've most of my comments/posts up voted by him. Cool guy 👍
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    @Aitkotw he looks like but... I am worried that than your ++ aren't justly...or?
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    Get used to, dude loves to go into ++ rides from time to time here
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    That white theme. Ah! My eyes are bleeding. I think I'm turning into a vampire day by day 😅.
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    @naktop3031 I saw a pile of notifs from you and figured I'd return the favor.

    Very rarely will I ++ something blindly, but I do tend to ++ almsot anything I read so long as I don't disagree with it
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    @Shivi I am really undecided guy... I had dark theme... but it staled me..
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    @Aporue-Sutol I want return favour to you but thanks :3
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