just as Erik Meijer said scrum is the most stupid shit in modern development process. I worked in an organization hires ppl as full time scrum master, which is joke. each day the asks what did u finished yesterday and how long it need to finish the task assigned to u. btw the scrum masters know nothing about programming. come on man how can u finish any serious shit in one day and who cares how much shit others finished. each week just attending those freaking meetings without coding. each programmer are assigned at least 5 bosses, and what the fuck is product manager doing, it's not adding indirection can solve anything.

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    If you think Scrum is shit you are probably doing it incorrectly. You don't sound very much like a team player if you "don't care what other people are doing". From my experience those meetings take about 10 minutes and you get a good overall view on what your team is doing and if someone (or myself) need any help.

    About the scrum master I can agree. How do you spend your days as a full time scrum master?
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    I can read the jira items and git history to know what others are doing and if anyone need help just pick up the phone or walk to his desk. do you think daily meeting do make sense for regular daily dev work. imho weekly meeting is more than enough, and to know the whole picture best way is to understand the domain and business, and the background of the work, not what others are doing. as many ppl pointed that scrum is for manage special cases or not responsible ppl. the real agility is to trust ppl and encourage communication not adding meetings to pretend to be evidence @simeg
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