Who Here thinks that @linuxxx should write a book?

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    He is making a blog atm, so kinda a book :D
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    The blog would be a better option than a book as it can be updated to keep the readers up-to-date, whereas a book has static info that goes out of date really soon
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    Oh damn 😅 what should I write it about? 🤔
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    - a research book about mass surveillance

    - why privacy is important
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    - how to become the most ++ed person on DevRant
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    @linuxxx also, how to configure ur phone and laptop to be safe.
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    "Ghosts in the machine"
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    New project. API that parses rants of a given user and exports them as an ebook.
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    I'm sure his book will be about as follows:
    why privacy is important?

    I see you said you have nothing to hide, then send your phone to this address and I'll return it in a week.

    You still have nothing to hide? 😑
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    @gitpush make a one page book with this content
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    @404response and consider my self as a writer :3
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