Today at work I saw 2 tech guys (Russians) that tried to fix an audio system at my hospital clinic.

The PL-3.5 cable was unable to transfer any sound to the speakers from the secretary PC.

So they tried to plug it into one of their phones, to rule out the possibility that it is because of the PC headphones plug.

(The speaker volume currently is on *maximum* btw)

1st guy said "Let's play something nice and relaxing, so the patients (mostly old people) won't get an heart attack"
The 2nd ask "So what should I search in YouTube?"
Then the 1st said "Metallica"

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    In Russia, Music plays you.

    Also, welcome to devRant!
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    @jmclemo6 Thanks.
    I were here quite a while, but this is my first time I thought it was worth to share a story.
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    Metallica is nice.
    I approve.
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    Relatively relaxing, compared to RUSKI HARDBAS
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