Do you think transition from soft dev to qa is easy?

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    Some of the best testers started as devs. I think it gives a great perspective on your testing. Good luck
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    It's kind of a different mindset.

    I don't mean it as an offense, but QA has little to do with coding. But it does require quite a lot of patience, pain-staking work and diligence.

    QA specialists should know the basics of software engineering, but I think that if you're a software engineer and good at it, it would be lost talent if you went to QA instead.
    QA is for mentally stable people with good discipline.
    Softdev is for creative techies, where it's a bonus to be a bit weird.
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    Shouldn't be that hard. Though transitioning from soft dev to hard dev takes some dedication.
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    @AndSoWeCode do you have any tips ..I have zero experience in qa..any ideas on what to do I got actually an interview on this..
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    Qa is including a lot more automation now, so the line is getting thinner between software dev and qa. Coming from someone switching from qa to software dev.
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    @sleeping-kogoro it’s true but I havent done any actual automation testing... any example codes or online problem practices that can help me accomplish that?
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    @rui725 Sure, at my company we use selenium to automate testing of the webpages we build, so I'd super recommend checking that out in your language of choice. They offer c#, java, python, ruby, and javascript. It helps too if your familiar with html, since each "WebElement" is found via either id, css selector, or xpath. I think the documentation and code snippets can be found at seleniumhq.org
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