Literally my inbox me right now (in comments)

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Thus is scary :D
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    I made a new one a long time ago after my old main one was litered with way to much shit on it, first from back in the day when I used to run a youtube channel then with promotions and other shit from other sites I was part of
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    ah hello fellow Shen fan
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    I had 5.7k unread emails, then I said fuck it. Removed all unread emails and I've kept it clean now for a few years. Still feels good! 😁
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    @olback I did exactly that some time back. Moving conversations to social and promotions also helps keep it clean. Still I need to mark a few as spam occassionally.
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    Ive had my Gmail Adress for 12 years now... Cant manage to Clean it up anymore. 10k unread Mails... And the always come back.

    Just made a second one that I dont use for online Accounts.
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    @bcye what is that ?
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    @sam9669 spark, an email client for iOS and mac Os by readdle. Really the best out there in my opinion
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