They must be losing good developers at Google, because all of their shit is slowing devolving into hot garbage. Bug ridden pieces of shit. I wouldn’t even pay to use anything of theirs anymore - you are probably better off somewhere else…

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    And their crawling engine - so slow. I submitted a site with 1000 pages and site map and it took them more than a month to index it. Also, they reported 404 on pages that did exist
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    So a while back I guessed that Google was having issues because they started pushing 2 to 3 ads in place of 1 ad. People brushed it off and said Google was fine as their statements are fine. Now I am hearing that creators are getting paid less despite views and other metrics remaining the same. So creators are now feeling the pinch. My guess now is Google is in far worse trouble than I originally thought. Once you destroy the income of people creating content the whole thing collapses.
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    @Demolishun pretty much lol - it seems like pay raises are a thing of the past now too with any job - I’m honestly ready and on deck to start the revolution. I’m pretty good at shooting guns too.
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    This makes me think, if you encounter someone that betr at thinking, does this mean theyre betr at doing?
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    @nike it’s not correlated but the potential is insured
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