Exclude Apple from any web standard influence in the future. They clearly don’t give a fuck about the web from the evidence of them purposefully downgrading their PWA features just because they are salty that the EU forced them to allow other non-WebKit browsers on iOS. What a bunch of pieces of shit. Fuck Apple for being a fucking corporate spoiled child.

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    Fuck any company trying to clean up the scraps and crumbs that other people would very much like to eat
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    it's just apple being apple, and apple doing what it has done forever.
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    It makes my day to see people getting salty because of PWA being killed 😂
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    @Lensflare Not really salty about PWAs - I don’t really even use them. Moreso about Apple downgrading features just bc THEY are salty. I guess you didn’t read it correctly, or are you on apple’s side? I kinda also have a theory that you were fired from the web industry - that why you hate it so much…
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    yeah let’s all switch to chrome so they can introduce web integrity again
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    Not only they are anti web standard, they are also anti hardware standarization, seeing how they took so long to adopt USB-C and keep pushing lightning port. Oh, also software standarization, seeing how iPhone doesn't support something as simple as sending file by bluetooth, you have to their AirDrop.

    Fuck Apple. And shame on people who keep the company alive by consistently buying their products.
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    It makes my day see apple fanboys getting upset about this rant 🤣
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    @shovethisrant I did web dev for a few years and then left to do mobile dev because I hated the web crap.

    I‘m on neither side of the PWA thing, I just don‘t care about it and find it funny how people who also don‘t care about it are salty.

    Apple has explained the reason why they did it. That might be true or not, but certainly it’s not because they are childish. It’s because they are profit oriented. As any other company.

    EU forcing random shit on companies can also be seen as "childish".
    And idiotic since the result is not what they wanted at all.

    Your whole rant is just "This is a great excuse to rant about Apple".
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    @dontbeevil you are so glad to have finally found someone ranting about Apple killing PWA, that you mistook my comment for being upset.
    And then that someone does not even care about PWA. How sad.

    Buddy, stop being pathetic.
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    I love their changelog "you're holding it wrong" or "it's not a bug it's a feature" style

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    @Lensflare is this ^ the kind of thing you enjoy you cock?
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    @shovethisrant I don’t care and neither do you.
    But you choose to artificially be annoyed about it.

    Are we desperately searching for random stuff to hate about Apple now?
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    @shovethisrant @dontbeevil
    When you both are done sucking each other’s dicks, maybe you can find some real issues to rant about. Apple has them.
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