You will never win in the unnatural by being passive. By being morally sound, you will only win at the things that require you being morally sound. This industry is not morally sound. This industry is all about who can make the most money. No one gives a fuck about you. You have to be evil sometimes. The only way you can protect yourselves, your subordinates, and your coworkers is to compete by any means possible. You can only protect them by breaking some eggs. That’s the only way to win here. You won’t get anywhere by being a nice person to everyone in this field.


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    Money is just the physical life tool, nothing todo with life and spiritual mind.

    If you think money drives people you should finally try to meet your Ego.
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    @vane hahaha u dumb bitch I know my ego pretty well. You can spout about how “oh I found myself doing this and the meaning of life this”

    But what happens when your parents can’t afford their mortgage payment anymore? What happens when your siblings go broke and worry about their next meal? How can you pay for that when you have nothing to provide except what you can provide yourself?

    Answer me that
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    @shovethisrant You started blaming me for nothing so it’s obvious you’re mentally disabled.

    As for me at least I know I am no one and will die soon and no one will remember me and I accept that.

    So what you know mentally disabled person with huge ego ?

    You know nothing, you are nothing and you’re not even able to admit that.
    You will live miserable life and die blaming everyone around for your failures.

    I’m sorry for you that you want to live like cockroach and squeak like a pig till the rest of your time on this planet.

    Good luck.
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    @vane you didn’t answer my question you dumdum. Dumb bitch thinking he’s smart and knows about what the ego is after reading one philosophy book. Go read some Jung or something. Just because you think you are a loser, doesn’t mean I have to think I’m a loser. What I think is you are just projecting all the insecurities and failures you have had over your life onto other people, because YOU think you are so smart, and YOU have the biggest ego of them all.

    Go ahead and die alone if you want I don’t really care. I am and will always be a family member
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    @shovethisrant tell me more about it
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