so i started some new classes in school last week. the first day i walked into my new gaming development classes and my teacher says “im going to be honest with you guys i don’t know any of this and ive never taught this or programming so im just going to learn with you. the principal asked me if i wanted to teach this class and i said yes because it’d be a good learning experience and extra money. i usually only teach woodshop.” this is gonna be a great class. it makes me so mad that the teacher doesn’t even know what he’s teaching. im here to learn. why offer to teach a class you know nothing about? i could be at home watching YouTube videos and learning more

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    You should be the teacher 😉
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    Actually, that's a pretty good teacher. At least he is able to admit he's ignorant. Teachers who try to teach despite not knowing shit and refuse to improve are way, way worse.
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